We offer strategic services for public and private companies to help stakeholders understand earnings and revenue drivers, market positioning, M&A, leadership changes, strategic shifts, and debt and equity offerings.

The SCR Difference:

  • Wall Street expertise in how investors and analysts think
  • Precise assessment of benchmarks and business analytics
  • Proactive pre/post-IPO programs
  • Optimal strategy for outlining capital allocation and profit drivers
  • Investment community outreach that ignites interest

SCR provides a full suite of strategic and tactical investor relations services for public and privately held clients:

  • Comprehensive Program Development
  • Broaden Sell-Side Analyst Coverage
  • Increase Breadth and Depth of Institutional Ownership
  • News Release and Conference Call Strategy
  • Investor Presentations
  • Annual Meeting and Proxy Services
  • Financial Media Relations

SCR provides robust crisis communications expertise built on the team’s experience in investor, public and media relations as well as corporate finance and capital markets experience. Recent engagements include:

  • U.S. Supreme Court appeals
  • Data breaches
  • Patent infringement
  • Corporate murder charges
  • D.O.J. investigations
  • F.T.C. reviews
  • Shareholder lawsuits
  • Domestic and international M&A

SCR provides support and ongoing counsel across the IPO process to ensure an effective outcome. 

  • Strategic advice for IPO preparation, process, launch and follow up
  • Analysis of structure and recent capital markets transactions
  • Consultation on corporate governance issues and trends
  • Prioritize time and financial resources relative to goals and budgets

Our skill set and experience allow us to go above and beyond what a typical Investor Relations firm can deliver. As part of our partnership with clients, we are frequently called up to provide detailed analysis that drives operating strategy, capital allocation, and board communication/education.

  • Mapping best practices 
  • Analysis of industry benchmarks for profit, operating expenses, capital discipline
  • Analysis of competitive landscape, key players, market opportunity
  • Understanding emerging industry issues, market disruptors
  • Drawing out profit drivers, P&L impacts
  • Providing guidance for intermediate, long-term plans
  • Drilling down on markets, competitors, product lines

Recent Engagements

New Earnings Algorithm

Assess potential investor reaction and response to shift from yearly guidance to long-term earnings algorithm without EPS targets.

New Dividend Policy

Analyze merits of a special dividend versus a regular dividend with focus on buy-side preferences and the impact on earnings multiples of a change in dividend policy. 

Disclosure & Investor Sentiment

Understand whether current disclosures for a recent acquisition were limiting multiple appreciation of the stock.

Messaging Assessment

Engage key sell-side and buy-side participants to determine extent of knowledge of recent regulatory changes and industry positioning, identify potential vulnerabilities, and recommend pivot in messaging to the board and management team.

Competitive Landscape

Determine extent to which evolving competitive dynamics / new sales models were behind a sustained period of sales weakness.

Earnings & Profit

Provide ongoing insight into market share, sales trends and profit trends versus competitors. Quarterly updates include weighted sales indices, relative performance, breakdown of profitability across core business and segments.

Profit Analysis

Examine financial impact of recent capital spending and draft five-year strategic plan to set operating priorities.

Strategic Investment

Assess addressable market, competitive landscape and ‘white space’ for potential strategic investment.